President Cristina Fernandez casts vote in Argentina's run-off election

Nov 27, 2015 Argentine President Cristina Fernandez recently joined the rest of the country at the poll as the country voted in a new president.

The outgoing president, who succeeded her late husband Nestor Kirchner, is revered by the poor for her generous welfare programs. However she is heavily criticized by businesses for her strict controls on the economy.

While speaking to journalists after casting her vote, Fernandez said”

“We are (voting) in a country that is absolutely in peace, without religious or ethnic conflicts. The only conflicts are related to soccer, and well, also politics but those are good because they are a sign of debate. I think this is the only time that the people have voted like this, not only with the run-off, but also that they are voting in a country that is growing and developing so much. Right?,”

After the votes were collated, opposition candidate Mauricio Macri emerged winner of the presidential election.

Speaking after the victory, Macri, who had promising business-friendly reforms to spur investment in the country, said:

“I’m here because you have brought me to this place so I ask you, please don’t abandon me, that we stay together, that on December 10 we begin this marvellous period for Argentina. It’s here, it’s now. Let’s go Argentina, it’s here, it’s now. Let’s go Argentina!”

Elsewhere, Macri’s close rival Daniel Scioli conceded defeat saying he had called his Centre-right challenger.

“The people have chosen a new president, the engineer, Mauricio Macri, who I have just spoken to on the telephone. I wished him success for the good of our country,”

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