President Jacob Zuma's Inauguration following his successful re-election.

26 May 2014 TimesLive SA paints us a beautiful picture of President Jacob Zuma’s inauguration as President of South Africa, following his successful re-election. The event which took place at the Union Building Pretoria saw several African leaders in attendance, including Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan.

A crowd of 18,000 South Africans filled the lawns of the Union Buildings and cheered and sang as the oath taking took place. After the inauguration, there was a 21 gun salute which went on as the military band played the national anthem. The South African Airforce was present in full force as various aircraft flew over the Union Buildings in various formations.

President Zuma has made some strong promises to the people of South Africa, with economic growth as one of his most important focus areas. He has said that the government will focus on ensuring inclusive economic growth.

He emphasized that his government would continue to build infrastructure around the country as a flagship programme and stated that the performance of the state would need to improve.

He expressed gratitude for his selection and said “We do not take this confidence bestowed on upon us lightly. We are truly humbled… The road ahead is long and demanding,”

The event took on a festive air shortly after with cultural troops entertaining the crowd and performances from some of South Africa’s biggest performers. In addition, meals of bread and chicken were handed out to the crowd camped out on the lawn to witness President Zuma’s election.

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