President Kikwete of Tanzania promises to deal with albino killers

9th March 2015 President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania is not a happy man at the moment because of the recent rise in attacks and even killings of albinos in the country. He has vowed to end the killings, saying the wicked acts had brought shame on Tanzania.

The President gave a TV address and is quoted as saying “I’m shocked and saddened at the sudden upsurge in these macabre killings”

The Tanzanian Albinism Society had planned a protest march which was halted by the police, for security reasons. However, the president has said that he is ready to meet those in the fore front of societies which campaign for the people, in order to discuss possible solutions to the killings.

Albino people face attacks, because of beliefs by evil witchdoctors that they bring good luck and wealth. The president reasserted that such beliefs were false and is quoted as saying to the Reuters News Agency “It is a false belief that if someone has the body part of a person with albinism, this will bring success in business, fishing and mining activities. This is what has been fuelling this ongoing evil,”

President Kiwete also encouraged albinos not to live in fear, saying that the government would continue in the fight and efforts to end the attacks which are inhuman and shameful for the country and her image.

He said “I believe with the close co-operation between the government and society, we will succeed in ending these killings of persons with albinism and rid our nation of this shame.”

Past efforts by the government caused cases to reduce drastically in 2011, but unfortunately the topic has resurfaced again, in no small part due to the trial of 4 men accused of killing an albino woman some years ago and also because as elections approach, many suspect that politicians might seek seers to secure their political fortunes, with these seers in turn seeking albino body parts as part of their rituals.

As part of a new wave of efforts, the Tanzanian government banned witchdoctors in January as part of efforts to prevent further attacks and kidnappings of albinos.

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