President of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh Speaks on Agriculture and Palm Oil Production in the Country.

26th Aug 2014 Agric is gaining traction across the continent guys and we like it. The wave is hitting Gambia, where President Yahya Jammeh has made it clear that he sees no reason why the Gambia cannot be self-sufficient in palm oil production.

He is quoted as saying “I see no reason why in The Gambia we cannot be self-sufficient in palm oil production, In those days in the 60s, we used to be food self-sufficient but due to drought most of the natural palm trees are gone. So we have to replant them and that is what we are doing now –  to be self-sufficient not only in rice and cereal, but also in what goes with the cooking”.

He also gave a huge shout out to women, saying  “I am very grateful that the women are following my call. If you go around the country, you will find out that 90 percent of all students, both male and female, if it were not for their mothers they would not be going to school. Imagine if the men also volunteer to go to work, the amount of rice or cereals we can produce in this country would make us self-sufficient even by 2015. But unfortunately the men are still to respond. Let us go back to the farm, if you have holiday, go to the farm because what you produce is for your own good,” Alright guys, you heard him…get to planting!

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