Presidential reactions to South African attacks on foreigners

23rd April 2015 There has been a lot of commentary following the recent incidents in parts of South Africa, that saw attacks by South Africa, on immigrants. While the issue is still in the process of resolution, various bodies and personalities are standing up to condemn the incident.

One of them is the President of Zimbabwe and Chairman of the African Union, Robert Mugabe. President Mugabe announced that his government would bring back home affected Zimbabwean nationals, adding that all Africans in South Africa should be treated with dignity.

In South Africa, a not for profit organization, Gift of the Givers has stepped in to help displaced foreigners in the country. The aid group will need about 1 million rand in aid which it will distribute to the 5 camps in Kwa Zulu Natal where over 8,000 displaced foreigners are currently housed.

Both South African President Jacob Zuma and Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini, have condemned the ongoing violence.

King Zwelithini addressed about 6,000 citizens in Durban and is quoted as saying “We need to make sure no more foreigners are attacked. We must stop these vile acts,”

The King has also asserted that his earlier statements were taken out of context and could not be blamed for the recent violence.

In Johannesburg, President Zuma has gone back into history to discuss the recent violence and its possible resolution. He is quoted as saying “I think a few things were not done. First, South Africa had a system called apartheid that was very violent and for it to be defeated we as people had to be violent and that culture was not addressed after 1994. We didn’t do that. We took things for granted and thought freedom would suddenly make us think we are alike.”

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