Chidi Obi is getting married, and everyone is coming to town to attend the wedding, including his erratic and troublesome older sister. The family decides to have a little diner party of sorts, and invite the Ojo’s, their long time neighbors and friends, whose only son Bayo is Chidi’s childhood friend, and whose only daughter Shade, is around with her husband.

The diner goes well, as old friends catch up on lost time and fond memories are relived, then suddenly, everything goes awry, as a simple argument, evolves into a cross fire, revealing a lot of pent-up emotions.

Accusations and counter-accusations are thrown across the room, as wives confess discontentment and disdain they have harbored for years, daughters and sons complain about favoritism for the first time, and husbands confess their unhappiness with some of their wives actions through the years.

At the end of the day, no one can look each other in the eyes, as a lot had been said, which exposed their true feelings about each other.

Alone in their various rooms and homes, the families try to concentrate on the misgivings expressed across board, and try to, not only deal with them, but also start on a clean plate with each other, as apologies are given, shortcomings accepted and a better future assured.


Tope Oshin Ogun


Tope Oshin Ogun


Yinka Ogun


Bayray McNwizu, Wole Ojo, Zara Udofia Ejoh, Kunle Fawole, Iyke Michael, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Benneth Ogbeiwi, Kunle Coker, Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey, Tosan Ugbeye, Francis Onwochei, Duro Onabolu, Chidi Obi Lawrence, Femi Akinsanya