Little buds of perspiration popped up on her forehead, they pooled up and slowly rolled south the left side of her face…tickling and trickling down the fact that she’s been holding on for more than five decades now…her palms all red and raw, eyes haunted by what they saw. A satisfactory object she’s been labelled…a platform for everyone’s new experiment, disposable matter…ordinary says it all, a loud call. She ain’t male, just the most populous country in the forlorn tale of a third world continent.

 ‘The light ain’t stable…’ A hot iron rod prodded her mind, ‘…unpredictable’.

 It burnt in ‘uncertainty’ as there seem to be little or no reason to believe in a future for the youths of Africa with all the different mishaps and constant negative situations chronically weakening our morals and aspirations. Decisions made by few twirl wildly as it ripple out into her children’s lives, leaving the repercussions to resonate out in destructive whirlwinds. Materialism fakes excuses for embarrassing, shameful actions…engines of sight wins a tricky hand, the right groovy beat drums out from a wrong band…exciting yet bland.

Sweat dripped into her eyes, it stung, making them bloodshot…the weary limbs slipped down a notch, the muscles ache… ‘Oh, what pain they make.’ Letting go and revolting defies caution, but it seems to be her only option.

‘…you’re almost there…’ echoes faintly out of nowhere, competing weakly with the ever scratching and disturbing noise of giving up…

The choice she made paled with the end of the tale.

 It’s going to get really entertaining & motivating on your Pan-African talk show, Moments With Mo, as we present a very special guest Dr. Mike Omeri, who sheds more light on the value of our national identity while spreading the message of hope and transformation to us all. This session of enlightening talk and information will solidify our long lasting, strong belief on a better & beautiful tomorrow for Africa and her youths. Be part of it!! Showing on October 15, 20:30 WAT, on CHANNEL 165, EbonyLife TV.

Success doesn’t patronize failure and sharpness always compliment the edges of a blade with allure. The future is just what it is …the future and we are here… shaping it into a bright and beautiful one now rests on each individual, each tribe, nationality  and all of us in general.


  1. I must call this an exceptionally wonderful piece…it actually left me in awe as I read through. I also want to commend all staff of EbonyLife TV…no other channel has ever captivated me as channel 165 has. I’m now a TV enthusiast, courtesy of EbonyLife TV.

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