Rapper M.I Agaba mad at Lagos Club Quilox

2nd March 2015 So, celebrated Nigerian rapper M.I took to his twitter to vent his anger at Lagos Club Quilox, which allegedly disrespected him and got M.I calling for the sack of the manager.

M.I tweeted saying “Quilox as a business disrespected me and my brand tonight. In more reasonable settings.  Whoever the manager was tonight should be fired!”

In response to this, the management of Quilox released a press report stating that M.I, who was performing at the club on Saturday night, was expected to end his act by midnight, but he didn’t.

M.I was given additional 30 minutes but still did not wrap up his act within this time, so the next act, a DJ, had to take over.

The Management of Quilox however gave their apologies. Let’s hope this calms M.I down a little.

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