Real Madrid top Forbes' most valuable teams

July 28, 2015 Forbes has released a list of 50 most valuable sports team, according to a poll made up mostly of National Football League franchises. Spanish soccer club Real Madrid retained the top spot although a statement from Forbes states that the value of the 10-times European champions fell five percent from last year to $3.26 billion, due to a drop in the euro versus the U.S. dollar. It didn’t affect them much, as revenue of $746 million, the highest of any team, kept them on top.

Forbes’ Senior Editor, Kurt Badenhausen said

“Real Madrid’s value is actually down five percent and the gap is closed between Real and the other top teams but they still are the biggest sports franchise in the world worth $3.26 billion (USD), have a huge global social media reach, have the highest revenues in all of sports over $700 million. They’re really operating on a different level than the top U.S. sports teams because they do have this massive global reach,”

Badenhausen clarified that performance is not necessarily related to a team’s value, so we hope that somewhat pacifies you, if you feel bad that your favorite team didn’t grab the top spot.

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