Registration opens for Egypt's parliamentary elections.

Sep 8, 2015 Following the scheduling of the Egyptian parliamentary elections for October, prospective candidate recently headed to courts across the country to register for the election.

Sameh Ali Lofty, a prospective representative for the Old Egypt and Manial District had this to say:

“We are all very optimistic. I see that there’s a lot of positive energy among the people who just had two revolutions – there’s a lot of voting and political awareness. God willing, I anticipate that the coming phase will witness a very high turnout. After the first and second successes that people participated in because they care about our country. We want everybody to participate so we can abolish this bribery approach that was followed by the large political parties previously in Egypt. At the time, independents have a good chance and God willing, this upcoming parliament will be the most serious in Egypt’s history because it will turn the constitution into a legislative foundation and it will discuss more than 300 draft laws,”

Egypt, which has been without a parliament since June 2012, recently announced that the first phase of the parliamentary election will hold between October 18th and 19th.

Ali al-Sawah, who registered to represent the al-Salam district said:

“I applied today and I had applied the last time when the elections were cancelled. Today, everything is in order and going well and smoothly. God willing, I hope that I will succeed, so I can serve the residents of my district and the country as a whole – because a member of parliament isn’t just part of the district, but also a member of the nation. God willing, as per my occupation as a lawyer, my first ambition is to discuss the draft laws and amend them,”

Another candidate running for the Manshyet Nasser and Gamalya district added that:

“The next parliament will not be like any other previous one – the upcoming parliament will be the most serious parliament. God willing, I hope we’re up to the challenge and for the country to move forward,”

The election has been earmarked as a landmark achievement in Egypt’s bid to restore democracy; however the struggling economy and a stubborn Islamist militant insurgency stand as major obstacles to its success.

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