Rio’s Christ statue lit in pink for Breast Cancer awareness month

Oct 09, 2015 The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro was recently lit up in bright pink to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The event was organized by two non-profit organizations, the Pink Loop Foundation and American Friends to create awareness of the disease and encourage people to take steps for early detection.

Speaking at the event, Vania dos Santos Maia, who is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer said:

“It is important. If we don’t have the support, if we don’t meet up with other people living with the same problem, it would be really tough. So, I think this togetherness, the support from the NGOs, of the groups of women with the same problem, is essential,”

Aline mesquita, another participant at the event said:

“The “pink movement” all over the world and at the Corcovado (Mountain) draws attention to the cause, awareness of breast cancer. So everyone down there below looking up (at the Christ) and saying “look at that pink, wow,” this is awareness of breast cancer. It’s really important.”

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