Rival Libyan lawmakers sign proposal for peace deal

Dec 10, 2015 Lawmakers from Libya’s two rival parliaments recently signed a declaration of principles aimed at ending the country’s civil conflict.

The proposal, which was signed by the Libyan parliament and the rival General National Congress, is however different from the United Nations-sponsored talks between the country’s two competing governments.

Speaking at a news conference held in Tunisia, Ibrahim Fetih Amish from the Libyan Parliament said:

“We have just signed a statement or a memorandum of understanding. But its achievement depends on ratification by Parliament (Tobruk based) and the General National Congress (GNC, Tripoli based). Then, we will directly start a consensus based government with the support and welcoming and consensus of all sides,”

Four years after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya is currently being ruled by two parallel governments.

Lawmakers said the declaration calls for forming a 10-person committee, five members from each parliament, which would be charged with naming an interim prime minister and two deputies.

Commenting on the viability of the initiative, Awad Mohammed Abdul-Sadiq, deputy head of the General National Congress said:

“When Libyans meet of their own will, there’s a Libyan solution, and Libyan ideas and we met here in our neighbor country, Tunisia. With this meeting we will find a faster solution to the crisis,”

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