Roi's official carnival parades kick off at the Sambadrome

Feb 09, 2016 The world’s biggest Carnival bash recently kicked off as musicians and dancers from the second-league Samba troupes paraded their way through Rio de Janeiro’s Sambadrome.

The troupe took the Marques de Sapucai arena by storm with a blast of color and sound as they compete to join the ranks of the top-class schools known as the Grupo Especial.

Each samba school depicted a story of historic significance through heavily choreographed song, dance and costume.

The Academicos da Rocinha group opened the show, celebrating human evolution from cavemen to the today’s technological innovations.

Pedro Peres, a member of Rocinha’s drums corpse, said the troupe’s goal was to entertain, not compete.

“We don’t come here to compete, we come here to party. The school looks good and we are happy and we are well prepared. All we have to do is perform like we rehearsed,”

Performer, Michele Coutinho, also expressed her excitement saying:

“It is a big responsibility, a big responsibility… But it’s so great to be opening Carnival on a right foot. This Carnival will be wonderful,”

The second school to illuminate the stadium was Alegria da Zona Sul, who paid tribute to the Afro-Brazilian religions such as Candomble and Umbanda.

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