SA residents speak out on AU summit.

June 24, 2015 The African Union Summit ended recently in South Africa, and left residents of Alexandra township, near the summit venue, wondering what kind of impact the summit will have on their lives. This area was one of the worst hit with the recent xenophobia crisis in the nation, and of course the crisis was widely discussed by the leaders in addition to security, women empowerment and other pressing issues. Most of the people spoken to, expressed their hope for Africa to become more independent in deciding its own affairs.

“About the African Union, I really don’t know anything about it. But I’m actually going to have to know it, to learn about what’s happening,”

“I know it’s where all African leaders, presidents come together to share one idea about developing Africa, to pave the way forward so that Africa can solve their own problems, and not depending on the western”

“There should be a unity out of the whole summit after we come to one understanding as to how are the other countries are operating and all of that. They are sharing the ideas, in my opinion,”

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