Santa and Rudolph deliver presents to sea creatures at Tokyo Aquarium

Dec 29, 2015 Divers, dressed up as Santa Claus and Rudolph, recently delivered presents to sea creatures at the Sunshine City Aquarium in downtown Tokyo.

During the performance, the Santa divers hugged a shark and swam through the aquarium as visitors watched in awe.

Ren Takahashi, a member of the divers’ team, said it was the first time Rudolph had joined Santa in bringing the Christmas cheer under water.

“In the past, it was always Santa diving alone. This year, we want to try both Rudolph and Santa diving together,”

Divers also led a school of fish to form a Christmas tree by ringing a special bell that attracted them underwater.

Commenting on the experience,  Nozomo Takahashi said:

“My daughter was very delighted when the fish gathered and formed the shape of a tree,”

Apart from the festive performances, a photo booth was set up for families to take holiday photos with a real reindeer on Santa’s sled.

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