Sebeccly Breast Cancer Awareness Program: Light Lagos Pink

15th Sep 2014 I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’re sharing a lot of information about organizations carrying out breast cancer awareness programs; this is because Breast Cancer Awareness month is just around the corner and we believe that as many people as possible should be aware. Another organization has got some plans for Breast Cancer Awareness and they are pretty unconventional. Sebeccly Cancer Care is a not-for-profit cancer care and advocacy organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to women living with breast cancer care.

The provide information and support to people affected by cancer and advocate for improved conditions of care in health institutions. Sebeccly works with newly diagnosed patients, survivors, care givers; patient advocates, journalists and health care professionals.

This month, to raise awareness about Breast Cancer, they are carrying out a program called Light Lagos Pink – throughout the month of October, the organization will organize screenings, talks and other services around Lagos State. They will also partner with companies to show their support in a physical fashion, and a public building in the state will actually be painted pink.

We’ll share more details with you as they are confirmed, but in the meanwhile, do check out the organizations Facebook page for some more info.

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