Soundcity and P-square in airplay beef

Sep 14, 2015 Over now to newly unveiled beef between darling pop star twins P-Square and music power house Sound City, when a fan of the twins tweeted that it’s been a while since Sound City last aired any of the twins’ videos.

It turns out that SoundCity had decided to stop airing P-Square videos after a haggle between the two parties over Psquare’s charges for SoundCity’s annual event last year.

While SoundCity has it that it has invested a lot in P-Square’s career, P-Square’s manager, brother and North Side Inc boss, Jude Okoye, has it that SoundCity has never done anything for P-Square, according to SoundCity’s website.

Is North Side Inc signee Cynthia Morgan gonna be caught up in this battle? We hope not.

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