South African nurses volunteering to Sierra Leone are not afraid to go

27th Jan 2015 A South African nurse and some of his colleagues going to Sierra Leone to help combat the Ebola virus have restated their commitment to the cause, despite the risks involved.

Billy Nyaku, 31, from Limpopo, said he was aware that over 350 health care workers had died from Ebola in the region. But despite that, he had this to say “I am aware of that but I am never scared at all, I am a soldier. It is about being compassionate about the helpless. Those people need our assistance,”

Billy added, “What did I study nursing for? This is a real opportunity for me to be part of the action because if I am not going there, I won’t be part of history. I’m fearless.”

The nurse said he was privileged to be part of the first South African team to go to Sierra Leone. He added that his family was supportive of his decision and understood that anything could happen.

Another nurse, Laura Mosiah, said this was a once in a lifetime experience. She is quoted as saying “I am ready. It will be so beneficial. Even as a professional you will grow. If you are a doctor or a nurse or a paramedic, you have been called. To be able to go there and make a difference in their lives is something I desire personally. My motivation in life is to be where I count the most.

Laura said that since she heard of the Ebola outbreak she had wanted to help, and urged other health workers to respond to the call.

South Africa has assigned a doctor and 10 nurses to the Sierra Leone and we send our thoughts and prayers with them for their safe return and our praise for their selflessness and commitment.

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