Spring your dream to life!

1st April 2015 We have entered the fourth month of the year (gosh, isn’t the year just flying by?) Some of us may have started the year having made promises to ourselves that “this year I’m going to do this”, or “this year I’m going to do that”! Easter is being celebrated on Sunday 5th April 2015 and though it is seen widely as a Christian celebration, I’d like it to be known that both Christians and non-Christians can embrace the blessings that Easter brings.

Easter in its full essence represents “new life”. Whilst both “The Cross” and the “Easter egg” are Christian representatives, non-Christians have also adopted the Easter egg (exchanging chocolate Easter eggs as well as decorating real eggs).

In view that Easter represents new life, do you have a dream that you want to come to life? If you haven’t put any action into making it become a reality, there is no better time than now. I think it is more than a coincidence that Easter falls in the season of “Spring”. It’s time to get rid of what’s been weighing you down, what’s been holding you back and catapult into new beginnings, new adventures and fresh, positive mindsets.

Three quick tips on how to make those dreams a reality.

First tip: Visualise yourself at the finish line having accomplished that dream, how does it feel? What does it look like? It feels and looks great, right?

Secondly, think big and think bigger… ask yourself the question “if it was certain that this dream would become a reality, would I make it any bigger? Is this exactly what I want?” remember, if the dream does not scare the living daylight out of you, it’s not big enough.

And the third tip is obvious but the one that we all tend to fall short on…ACTION IT! Don’t linger too long, go with Nike and JUST DO IT!

So commemorate this Easter and this Spring with a big idea, visualize, think and then ACT!

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