Stars react to Emmanuel Adebayor’s family woes

May 7 , 2015 So earlier this week, Togolese footballer Emmanuel Adebayor opened the can of worms on what might be the reason behind his poor performance at Tottenham Hotspurs. He took to Facebook with a release on his family woes and how his over-demanding, ungrateful family members have been plaguing him over the years.

The revelations have been met with shock with celebrities pouring in support for the stars. Close friend Peter Okoye of PSquare showed support with a message on instagram saying: “I thank you for sharing your story bro, that was very brave. Indeed as Africans, the pressure is always on the most successful in the family and it hurts when your efforts are not appreciated and belittled. Truth is, you owe no one. Your family should be proud of you and not condemn you. I’m so proud of you bro. Remain blessed”

Fellow footballer and confidante, Ivorian Chelsea player Didier Drogba also spoke out to the troubled footballer saying: “Talking to you my brother @e_adebayor made things clear to me!!! “God is with you, stay strong and I hope all will one day go back to what family should be about…LOVE !!!!”

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