Sudan, South Sudan vow to abide by peace agreements

Sep 17, 2015 Following a trilateral meeting with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow recently, Sudan and South Sudan foreign ministers have vowed to abide by the peace commitments that was signed during the secession.

Russia played big brother to the two neighboring countries in a bid to resolve border control and trade issues.

Speaking at a news conference along with with his Sudan and South Sudan counterparts, Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said:

“We have been informed that during a bilateral meeting between Sudan and South Sudan ministers important decisions were taken, first of all, those concerning the necessity to fully and promptly carry out all the provisions of documents on adjustment of disputes between Sudan and South Sudan, that were signed in the past two to three years,” 

The Sudanese foreign minister, Ibrahim Ghandour stated that his country feels morally responsible to ensure peace was maintained with its neighboring South Sudan.

“Our brothers in South Sudan unanimously took the decision in the referendum to have their own independent state; we recognized that state the same day. This is why we are very much interested to see a viable, peaceful, prosperous country. We always feel that we have a moral responsibility in order to ensure peace and prosperity for the people of South Sudan.”

The South Sudanese foreign minister, Barnaba Benjamin, expressed hope that the two countries will forge a peaceful relationship.

“As said by the minister of foreign affairs of Sudan, there are many areas of discussion within the cooperation agreement, we have about nine agreements, which include very strategic areas, which will actually strengthen that the two countries have chosen to be two countries living in peace and in solidarity with each other,”

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