Swiss Army airlifts water to thirsty cows in mountain pastures

July 30, 2015 Following a dramatic heat wave, The Vaud department in Switzerland resorted to military measures to help thirsty cows on the Jura Mountains

The Swiss army used three “Super Puma” helicopters to fill eight water reservoirs in the Jura Mountains and then airlifted it, to provide drinking water for about 20,000 cows.

Talking to journalist, Lieutenant Colonel Louis-Henri Delarageaz said:

Concerning the military operation, for the ground troops, these are soldiers who are in any case in drill sessions, so there is no increase in cost. And for the air force, helicopters must fly anyway for training purposes. So whether they are engaged here or elsewhere, there is a cost, certainly, but not necessarily very high

Also speaking to the press, Philippe Leuba, Head of Economy and Sport for the Vaud region added that cattle breeding stands as a major source of income for most families in the region, hence the need to keep the sector healthy.

“We have agriculture that is local agriculture, which should also serve to feed the population. And of course, if this entire economic sector, which is very important for the Jura fails to overcome this difficult period, the economic future of many countries would suffer,”

Commenting on the severity of the condition, Andre Dunant, a farmer from Bassins had this to say:

This is not a disaster. We were lucky to have that helping hand from the army which is resupplying our water reservoir by helicopter. I admit it, it’s a relief“.

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