Syrian refugee starts new business in Gaza strip

Dec 16, 2015 A Syrians, who fled to Gaza, following the Syrian crisis recently open a Syrian restaurant in Gaza. The enterprise, which offers other refugees a source of livelihood, also offers the locals a chance to taste Syrian cuisine.

Speaking about his decision to come to Gaza, 35-year-old chef Warif Hamido said:

“One of my friends from Palestine suggested I try Gaza, so I had only two options then – go to Gaza via the tunnels, or reunite with my family in Turkey via a smuggler’s boat. It was too dangerous to travel by sea, so I decided to go to Gaza,”

Hamildo also commented on the offerings of the restaurant saying:

“Syrian cuisine consists of various Middle Eastern styles and the Aleppo chefs are well known in the Arab world for their skills. We are the best at barbecue, such as kabob. To my surprise, there was not even one Syrian restaurant in Gaza,”

Mahmoud, a customer at the restaurant said:

“It is the first Syrian restaurant in Gaza. The place is clean, and the staff are friendly. The food is delicious. I feel really satisfied,”

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