Tanzania Local Company; Property International Ltd Creates Building Technology that Minimizes Deforestation.

3rd July 2014 Still in Tanzania, a local company called Property International Ltd has created a building technology that it says will minimize deforestation and which may be the new face of affordable housing in Tanzania.

Instead of bricks and timber, the technology uses reinforced zinc coated steel wire mesh welded together onto a polystyrene insulated core with a steel wire truss going through the polystyrene.

The technology is called the Mega Panel System and Technical Expert for the system, Mr Jonathan Kibona, has shared that the technology can be used to replace both ricks and hollow core in walls, floors and roofs and use 30 percent less cement than conventional houses. He also took his time to name all the advantages of the system. For instance, the houses are so strong that they can withstand an earthquake. They are also quicker and cheaper to install, they’re lightweight and can easily be formed. Houses build using the system can also last for 50 – 100 years and have better resistance to fire.

Cheap and durable, these houses sound perfect!

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