The Medical and Dentist Council of Nigeria Goes Fishing for Quack Doctors and Practitioners.

20th Nov 2014 This Tuesday in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, the medical and dental council has said that over thirty quack doctors have been arrested, alongside many others that were illegally operating as practitioners, by the organization.

Speaking through the Registrar and Chief Executive of the MDCN, Dr. Abdulmuni Ibrahim, the council has said during their fifty plus one years anniversary that in the area of discipline of practitioners, the council has looked into over one thousand five hundred and fifty complaints, with sanctions on over one hundred practitioners who are not observing some of the best practices, out of which fourteen have been charged to court.

While talking about some preventive measures to curb the criminal trend, Mr. Ibrahim continued on behalf of the medical council that “The council has successfully introduced indexing of medical students in medical schools to ensure that training institutions keep to their allotted admission quotas thereby ensuring that standard  is maintained,” .

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