The new police chief of Fiji shows the stuff he’s made of

June 01, 2015 Fiji’s recently appointed police chief has showed why he made the position after he displayed his crime-busting skills by fighting off a gang of robbers at a restaurant with just a folding chair.

Ben Groenewald was at a private function at the back of the restaurant when he heard a commotion in front. He thought it was a guest who had had too much to drink and went to help, but according to him, “When I came around the corner I saw that these are not drunk people, these are robbers, fully masked and armed. The police instinct took over, I grabbed a folding chair and I attacked them. I was followed by some of the other guests and I think that caught them (the robbers) by surprise,”

Ben left the scene of the failed robbery attack with wounds requiring 13 stitches after one of the attackers hurled a wine bottle at his head, but he is fine, and has returned to work. The chief added that his officers had already made a breakthrough in tracking down the perpetrators.

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