The Twitter Premier League Plans Another Match for 6th of September.

3rd Sep 2014 Guys, remember sometime recently when we shared something called the Twitter Premier League. For those of you unaware of the league, it’s not a competition where the person who tweets the most or the fastest wins, nope, it’s a league for social media folks who love football. You know all those ones who clog up your timelines with football quotes, thoughts and varied analysis during games – yes those ones.

Anyway the first edition of the TPL held on the 29th of May this year and sadly, it didn’t end to everyone’s satisfaction and have been threatening fire and brimstone since.

As a result of all the threats, the Guns, The Rebels, the Blues and The Red Devils are going to put their boots where their mouths are and have been preparing for their revenge with feverish player transfers, practice/training sessions and trash talking on Twitter.

If you’re interested in seeing a bunch of Twitter people attempt to play football, or you want to check out that hottie you’ve been stalking, to you just want to carry our interactions offline, head over to the Campos Mini Stadium, Lagos Island, on the 6th of September by 12 noon. You’ll need to register first though but you can check out the TPL’s Twitter and Facebook feeds for those details

For all the players, in addition to wishing you the best, we remind you of the League’s slogan “Don’t just Tweet Football, Play football”.

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