TOTAL oil and gas expresses its intents to stop offshore gas flaring in Nigeria.

28 May 2014 French oil and gas company Total, is finally getting its green groove on. The company has expressed that it intends to be the first multinational oil and gas company to stop offshore gas flaring in Nigeria.

A Senior Development Engineer for the company, made this known following a visit by some Nigerian journalists to Total’s headquarters in Paris, France, according to a News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) report.

ThisDay Live goes on to tell us that the company’s motivation to stop gas flaring was driven by a desire to provide better energy in a friendly manner. The company’s rep also emphasized that Total had a smaller footprint than its competitors and had started to monetise much of the gas and also use the gas for reservoir purposes.

Vice President in charge of Environment and Health, Betrand de Nadaillac has said the company has another action plan to eliminate gas flaring. He added that the plan involved increasing the energy efficiency of its stations by promoting projects that emit low carbon dioxide in the downstream business.

Total has also announced the establishment of the Niger-Delta Development Community Fund for the development of the region. The company will come to an agreement with host communities to select areas for development and will also set aside a certain amount every month for the Niger Delta.

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