Tramigo Car Security Products Debuts in Nigeria Market.

13th Nov 2014 Good news for automobile owners as Tramigo, a leading maker of security devices has released new products into the market that will help to reduce car theft in the country. In Abuja on Monday at the event, Mr. Arto Tiitinen, the chief executive officer of the company said the new products were part of the company’s efforts aimed at satisfying the changing needs of their many customers, as well as safeguarding their cars and vehicles.

Mr. Tiitinen said that the tracking device will make vehicle security easy and less complicated as the products can be controlled using mobile phones, and can enable vehicle owners to monitor their driving habits, reduce the cost of petrol, detect engine problems before they become a huge problem, and other fuel consuming driving habits as well as safeguarding against unauthorized trips and theft as well as detect ignition tampering and door opening.

According to the chief executive officer of Tramigo, “We are the largest manufacturer of vehicle tracking products in the world and we are working to make this product a household brand name in Nigeria.”

He sounded optimistic when he said that with a market as huge as Nigeria, which has over twenty five million vehicles, the company’s target was to capture about two point five million through the installation of the device.

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