Trump widens lead in polls, calls washington politicians "impotent"

Aug 31, 2015 During an election rally in Iowa, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump publicized his growing lead in the polls while launching a blistering critique at his rivals for being career politicians, calling them “impotent” in the process.

“I don’t know, there’s something about Washington. They look at these beautiful buildings, these beautiful halls and all of a sudden they become impotent. Is that an appropriate word? I think so. They become, just, it doesn’t work. Put those two together. Something happens to them. And all of a sudden they’re not fighters. I think they’re so impressed, they show their wives, look where I’m working, I’m working in congress. Of course I’ve got to vote for Obamacare, isn’t it wonderful? Look what I’m doing. But they got elected to knock it out. What happened to these people? What happened?” he said.

While addressing a crowd in Dubuque, Trump made reference to a recent Gravis poll that puts him nearly thirty points ahead of his nearest rival nationally.

“The Gravis national poll just came out – 40.1 percent, that’s national. 40.1 percent. I want the election tomorrow.”

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released recently, Republican Jeb Bush’s support has slipped in the race for the party’s presidential nomination with Trump opening a 20-point lead over his closest rivals.

Contrary to the expectations of the Republican establishment, Trump’s support in the poll has largely held steady or grown, fueled essentially by his image as a maverick who speaks his mind and stands up to authority.

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