Tunisia faces "many challenges" says Nobel Peace Prize Quartet

Oct 21, 2015 A week after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, members of Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet recently met with French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius in France.

Speaking to reporters, minister Fabiud congratulated the group for its achievements in Tunisia.

“I congratulated our friends for what they themselves did, what we call the national dialogue, something truly exceptional at a time when the situation was very difficult. They had the modesty to say that through them it was the Tunisian people – which is true – who was rewarded of this exceptional distinction and this shows hope, it shows that despite all the hardship a path is possible,”

The quartet was formed in 2013 after the uprising that ousted Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali.

With a new constitution, free elections and a compromise politics between Islamist and secular leaders, Tunisia now stands as a model of how to transit from dictatorship to democracy.

Quartet member Wided Bouchamaoui said:

“It is an honor for us, we accomplished a difficult task at a difficult moment which was to find a solution for our country. We succeeded, but we face many challenges,”

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