Tunisians come out massively to march against terrorism.

2nd April 2015 Thousands of Tunisians, joined by some World leaders have hit the streets in a march against extremism. This followed announcements that the country’s forces had killed the leader of the jihadists behind the massacre at its national museum.

The demonstrators marched to the Bardo Museum, where 21 foreign tourists were killed in the March 18 jihadist shooting rampage.

Tunisia’s President Beji Caid Essebsi joined the protest with some foreign leaders such as the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas and President Francois Hollande from France. Together with the people he chanted “Tunisia is free! Terrorism out”. The President is quoted as saying “The Tunisian people have proven that they will not give in to terrorism. My thanks go out to all and I tell the Tunisian people: ‘Forwards. You are not alone,'”.

President of France Fracois Hollande added his voice, saying “We must all fight against terrorism, Tunisians wanted this international solidarity.”

Itay’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said: “We are here today to give a message of hope… We want to say that Tunisia does not stand alone, we are together in combating terrorism.”

During the official march which was held amidst heavy security, a stone tablet was displayed with the names of the foreign tourists and a Tunisian policeman killed in the museum attack.

A citizen, Majda Friga, who took part in the march, is recorded as shouting “Tunisia is not a country of jihad, extremism and terrorism!”

The march was definitely one of togetherness, as moderate Islamist Ennahda main opposition party called on its supporters to join the march “as an expression of Tunisian unity”.

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