Twitter Premier League: Scores and Updates.

17th Sep 2014 How many of you guys went on to attend the Twitter Premier League we told you about? Well, EL Reports was there and the second edition was definitely as cool, if not cooler, than the first.

The round robin group games ended with the Red Devils and the Rebels topping the group stages and qualifying for a showdown in the final. After some devilish and rebellious tussling, the Red Devils emerged victorious and successfully defended their title by converting all their spot kicks to overcome the Rebels in a 4-1 penalty shootout.

And then it was time for the girls to show their stuff and the Tsarinas took on the Panthers in a one-off all stars match. They attacked, they defended, they attempted goal and dribbled and at the end of all that work, the Tsarinas maintained their dominance over the Panthers with a 3-1 win.

All in all, it was fun. There were happy faces, sad faces, I never esperredit faces but most of all, everywhere, baby girls and boys living their lives.

If you’re going to be in Lagos in December, then you should definitely check out the next edition of the TPL. The bitter losers are already plotting revenge and we can definitely bet on some intense but good natured competition.

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