Uganda goes visa free for Kenya and Rwanda

26th Feb 2015 And lastly, in a really cool move that should be implemented in more areas of Africa in the spirit of brother and sister hood, Kenyans and Rwandans who wish to visit Uganda will no longer pay work permit fees and or have to fulfill visa requirements to enter the country. This is on the heels of a new law which promotes free movement under the East African Community Common Market Protocol, signed by the presidents of Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi in 2009. Tanzania and Burundi are not part of this particular development as at this time, so be aware. The new agreement will allow more movement for people such as architects and engineers as well as professionals from other fields and artisans. The move also aims to boost the tourism of the areas.

Mr. Anthony Namara, the commissioner for Immigration control in the ministry of internal affairs of Uganda, has encouraged people from countries concerned to visit one another, saying that both countries’ nationals will only need to turn up with their Identity card to gain entry into the country.

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