Uganda to resume mediation of talks to end Burundi crisis

Dec 24, 2015 Uganda’s Defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga recently announced that the ongoing reconciliation efforts in Burundi will resume three days after Christmas.

Burundi stepped on troubled water after President Pierre Nkurunziza announced his intention to run for presidency for the third time.

While making the announcement, Minister Crispus Kiyonga said:

“Wide ranging consultations have been carried out by the mediation in order to resume the dialogue. These consultations have involved the government of the republic of Burundi, the political opposition forces in Burundi, other stakeholders in Burundi and partners in the international community,”

The news of the resumed dialogue between government and the opposition has been well received by several Burundians such as the movement for women and girls for peace and security in Burundi.

Marie Louise Baricako, a member of the Movement said:

“We are desperate. We want things to change, we want life to start in Burundi when we see all that mass of youth that are there without hope, without a future, we say life should begin in Burundi. And for life to begin in Burundi there must be a change,”

The dialogue is expected to bring the much-needed change in the country. However, some analysts are skeptical that any further delay in finding a lasting solution to the crisis could plunge Burundi further into war.

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