Ugandan parliamentarian says investing in Africa will reduce immigration

May 25, 2015 Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has called for countries in the developed world to invest in the opportunities that abound in Africa. She believes this is important to curtail the current rate of emigration, as the migration of many Africans to Europe is motivated mostly by unemployment.

Ms Kadaga was speaking at the 4th Africa Day Conference in Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana. According to her, “Everybody loves their country. Those who leave do so because the situation is not good for them like in Libya and Somalia. I think it is important for Europe to invest in Africa to improve the economic and political conditions of the people living there,”

The speaker cited her country as a good destination for investment with its current political and economic conditions, noting that the African continent is generally endowed with manpower but still needs support to improve living conditions.

She is quoted as also saying “I think if you are to support Africa and reduce migration to Europe, it is very important to create investments on the continent. No African wants to leave their home but this is conditioned by lack of opportunities”

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