UN envoy in Libya for government talks

Jan 05, 2016 The United Nations’ special envoy for Libya, Martin Kobler, recently sat down with Libyan officials. During the meeting, he said that the political agreement between the warring sides must form the basis of all discussions.

Speaking to this effect, Kobler said:

“The first point is, the Libyan political agreement is the basis of all discussions, there is no alternative. Second, there should be no parallel initiatives, all initiatives should be based under the umbrella of the United Nations,”

Delegates from Libya’s warring factions, had in December, signed a U.N.-brokered agreement to form a national unity government. However, Kobler insisted that the political agreement should include all different factions, including all oppositions.

“Yes, the Libyan political agreement was signed and there will be no amendments no. This is now in the hands of the house of representatives. If they decide to change it, they can change it,”

Awad Abdel Sadek, Deputy Chairman of Libya’s General National Congress responded to Kobler saying:

“Everything that has resulted from the Skhirat agreement will not be counted in the conference or will not be taken into consideration unless it actually introduces something new or substantial amendments in either the legislation, executive or security sides.”

The U.N. deal called for a presidential council to lead a unified government. The deal, according to Western powers, will bring stability and help combat the growing Islamic State presence in the country.

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