Unruly football fans find out that sticks and stones will cost you points

6th Jan 2015 Hooliganism is an issue, and in few sports more than in football. The issue has had some unexpected consequences in Uganda though, as due to some rather, ermm, passionate fans, SC Villa of Uganda been awarded three points and three goals by Uganda’s Premier League following an aborted game against Sadolin Paints which was halted in the 80th minute.

The game had to be stopped when enraged fans of Sadolin Paints stormed the pitch with stones, which they aimed at the SC Villa technical bench and field of play. The reason for the behavior? SC Villa was leading play, 2 – 1.

Now the fans had already displayed their aggressive tendencies in the first half when SC Villa scored a goal to equalize against Sadolin Paints. They were quickly dispersed and play continued.

80 minutes later, with the second half ending, on realizing that their team was losing, the fans took matters, as well as stones into their hands, and proceeded to the field of play.

Anti riot policemen ran onto the pitch, tear gas was dispersed and the match stopped. This unruly behavior has however not helped the chances of Sadolin Paints, as SC Villa was STILL awarded the points for the game

This is the second time for Villa who have benefitted in a similar way in the past, following an abandoned match against their arch rivals Express FC at Mityana’s Ssaza ground.

Sticks and stones may get me points seems to be the remix of that popular rhyme…at least as far as SC Villa is concerned

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