US ambassador to Nigeria meets with EL Reports team

Dec 24, 2015 During his recent visit to Calabar, the US ambassador to Nigeria, James F. Entwistle sat down for a little chit chat with the El Reports team.

The interview was conducted on the set of “The Governor”, one of Ebonylife TV’s highly anticipated drama series. During the meet and greet, the ambassador commented on a wide range of topics ranging from the Mandela Washington fellowship to Donald trump.

“One of the ways I know you partner with our continent is through the Mandela Washington fellowship, how is that going?”

“Well, that’s a very interesting initiative of president Obama. The thirst of young Nigerians to better their country is amazing

Also speaking on Donald Trump’s comments towards Muslims, the Ambassador insisted that Trump was merely expressing his personal opinion and not that of the United States Government.

“But let me be very clear, what Mr Trump said about Muslims …but that’s is not US policy, it’s the opinion of one man”

Furthermore, the ambassador shared some of the strategic partnership strides between the United States and Nigeria in human resource development and wildlife conservation.

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