Wake up and get more sleep!

9th March 2015 Have there been occasions where you have woken up feeling more run down and more tired than when you went to bed? I know I have!

We have so many awareness weeks and awareness days throughout the year but not everyone can relate to them (though everyone can gain from the knowledge they bring). However, sleep deprivation amongst other sleeping disorders is something that everyone has suffered from or will suffer from at least once in their lives. National Sleep Awareness Week was observed in the United States from 2nd March 2015 till 8th March 2015.

If your sleepless nights are not rooted by a newborn baby in the household, bereavement or other inevitable causes, you need to get to the bottom of why you’re unable to sleep and hopefully after reading this you’ll have the solution and also know why it is important that you combat it.

Whilst most people believe that sleep deprivation or as it is commonly known “insomnia” is caused by stress, poor eating habits, depression, drug withdrawal, alcohol abuse and other things (and yes, they can contribute to insomnia), the true cause believe it or not is……overactive brain activity- brainwaves that are being too erratic when you’re trying to catch that beauty sleep.

What’s the cure? You may ask…the cure is my friends, wait for it….SOUND! Stay with me on this and let me explain further. Contrary to what people believe, the “Keep Calm” or “Sounds of the Ocean” CDs are not going to help you…they are NOT the answer, we’re talking bigger fish than that, we’re talking distinctively composed sounds with specially made sound waves that are engineered to tackle the fatigue-infused nuisance that is insomnia.

Why is it crucial that we cure and conquer our individual cases of insomnia and get enough sleep in a day? Because if we don’t, we open ourselves up to consequences such as decreased performance and alertness (did you know that reducing your sleep by up to 1 and a half hours for just one night can reduce your day-time alertness by up to 32percent?), your ability to think and process information can also be affected. In addition to this, it could affect your quality of life in the sense that you may not be able to participate in activities that require you to pay attention for a longer than average period of time. It’s important to note that not only can it affect you, but your bed partner and whilst we’re on the subject of insomnia affecting others, it can also cause road accidents and injuries.

So, honour “Sleep Awareness Week” by looking inwards and checking yourself… are you sleeping with your eyes wide open? Do you find yourself feeling weak and sleepy during the day? With all the information given to you, get that insomnia under wraps and start living a more energetic and fulfilling life!

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