Water Aid has urged African leaders to take sanitation more seriously

June 2, 2015 International development agency WaterAid has called on African leaders to prioritize sanitation from the highest decision making levels and support the proposed UN Sustainable Development Goal to ensure water and sanitation for all by 2030.

Water Aid recently unveiled its redesigned WASH Watch reporting system to track Africa’s commitment to bring water and sanitation to its citizens and support universal access for all with a new interactive world map of water and sanitation, which shows predicted progress by 2030 – the target date proposed for the new UN Sustainable Development Goals for achieving basic toilets for all.

WaterAid’s new WASH Map demonstrates that despite assurances from African nations that sanitation is a priority, by 2030, more than 66 per cent of the African population would still be living without adequate sanitation.

Mariame Dem, WaterAid’s West Africa Head of Region, is quoted as saying: “Not enough progress has been made on sanitation and it is time for African leaders to honor their commitments. Some 53.3 million Africans must be reached each year if we are to reach everyone in Sub-Saharan Africa with basic, hygienic toilets by 2030.”

She added “This is an immense undertaking, particularly in Africa where the lack of sanitation is so widespread, and it cannot be achieved unless African leaders commit with political will and financing to prioritize sanitation.

“We are calling on the African ministers attending AfricaSan 4 to put their promises into action. Their people need dedicated leaders who are willing to rally their resources and do everything in their power to reach everyone in their nations. Ambitious targets alone are not enough.”

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