White house says Iran missile tests did not violate Iran nuclear deal

Mar 10, 2016 The White House recently responded to Iran’s ballistic missile test saying that it does not appear to violate the nuclear agreement.

Speaking to this effect, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that pending a technical review, the matter may be raised at the United Nations Security Council.

“This is not a violation of the nuclear agreement. There are — there’s at least one specific United Nations Security Council resolution that could apply here, and the truth is, we’re still reviewing the Iranian launch to assess whether it is necessary for this matter to be raised before the United Nations Security Council. And we’ll do that — we’ll do that work…But, you know, our long-standing concerns with Iran’s ballistic missile program have been well chronicled. And even earlier this year, the United States put in place sanctions against Iran because of their ballistic missile activity. But we’ll review this particular incident; review this particular launch to determine what the appropriate response is.”

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