WHO Declares Democratic Republic of Congo Ebola Free.

25th Nov 2014 There is good news in the DRC as the United Nations health agency has declared the Democratic republic of Congo free from the Ebola virus after the mandatory forty two days elapsed with no new cases of the disease. This comes after tests performed on the last person who had the disease came back negative, and marks the seventh Ebola outbreak in the Democratic republic of Congo since the virus first emerged in nineteen seventy six, according to the agency.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has had thirty eight confirmed and twenty eight reported Ebola cases in recent months, which have claimed the lives of forty nine people, including eight health workers.

The World Health Organization commended the initiative and leadership of the country, lauding all health workers, institutions, stakeholders, donors and the general public for their joint and effective coordination in combating the dreaded virus.

Talking on the issue was World Health Organization’s Margaret Chan who gave a call to all parts of the continent affected by Ebola, and the world at large, saying “we must maintain our vigilance” given that for all the places where the outbreak appears to be stabilizing, new cases are still popping up elsewhere.”

Both leaders of the World Health Organization and the United Nations however have announced that if the entire world increases our response in fighting the disease, it can be successfully curbed by two thousand and fifteen.

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