Why should you opt for Africa VS. the rest of the world?

Why should you opt for Africa VS. the rest of the world?

EbonyLife TV has teamed up with WakaNow to produce an upmarket travel show, designed for the African traveller, highlighting Africa’s top tourist destinations. In its first season, the show will include twelve episodes and twelve destinations covering all angles of Africa and some of its neighbouring islands which are territorially African.

The show serves as a travel show for Africa, by Africa, embracing the very best of our beautiful continent. Countries featured include Kenya, Mauritius, Zambia, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Seychelles, Rwanda, Tanzania, Cote D’Ivoire and Senegal.

Destinations Africa the 30 minute, 12 part series premiers on EbonyLife TV DStv channel 165 on Saturday, 7 May at 20:30 Central African Time. Each episode explores the country’s top-end attractions, must-sees, rich history and takes you on a journey of romance, shopping, adventure, beach holidays, cuisine and safari, not forgetting the undiscovered natural wonders. The travellers explore magical moments as they go sugar tasting in Mauritius, embark on the heart-racing adventures of the River Zambesi in Zambia, tackle one of the longest zip-liners in Africa which is situated in Ghana, and we finally put the never-ending war to bed of “who makes the best jollof rice?” and so much more.

Speaking on traveling, the EbonyLife TV CEO said, “Africa is extremely rich in history and culture and Destinations Africa shows Africa in its glory and at its best. We hope that the show will encourage Africans to discover and explore their countries as well as stir up a sense of patriotism. We also hope that it’ll inspire Africans in the diaspora to visit home, at the very least.”

So, what makes the show unique? There is no presenter. Instead each episode features a Nigerian traveller who tells the story! We get to watch a genuine, authentic travel experience through the eyes of a Wakanow customer. It makes it real, it makes it truly Nigerian.

Arit Okpo, one of the Nigerian travellers in Destinations Africa had this to say about travelling, “Travelling opens your eyes to a world much bigger than yourself. When you explore other cultures, you find out that the things that make us similar are much more than the things that make us different.”

Why opt for Africa as opposed to the rest of the world?

“Africa is insanely beautiful and largely untapped; each country has totally different offerings, so why not go on a journey of discovery with guaranteed awesome results?!”-Omowunmi Onalaja, traveller.

Still not convinced? “Sampling the rich tapestry of cultures on the content of Africa is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list.”-Oreka Godis, traveller.

Travel in Africa has never been easier. WakaNow have developed DestinationAfrica.com which is a one stop travel shop and booking portal where you can find specialised packages and competitive deals where travellers can even pay for their trips in instalments and even obtain an international sim card absolutely free.

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