With eye on Islamic State threat, global powers back Libyan unity government

Dec 16, 2015 Global powers recently threw their support behind the formation of a unity government in Libya, while pledging economic and security support to help stabilize the country.

Libya has struggled to regain its footing after the ousting of Muammar Gaddafi and the chaos has made the North African country a sweet breeding ground for the Islamic State militants.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry along with Italy’s Paolo Gentiloni and United Nations envoy Martin Kobler expressed optimism that the majority of the representatives of the two rival governments will sign the national unity deal.

While addressing reporters at a news conference, Kerry said:

“We came here today, members of the Libya Support Group, neighbors of Libya, international organizations, because we cannot allow the status quo in Libya to continue. It is dangerous for the viability of Libya, it is dangerous for Libyans and now, because of the increase in the presence of Daesh purposefully migrating there, it is dangerous for everyone. So we are determined to make the most of the fact that the majority of the House of Representatives and the majority of the GNC have come together, ready to sign an agreement and they refuse any longer to be blocked by one or two people or by the individual politics, they are determined to speak and move forward for Libya and we are determined to support them in that effort,”

Representatives from 17 countries including Egypt, Germany, Russia, Turkey, and China also signed a joint statement calling for an immediate ceasefire. The group also promised to severe ties with any factions that doesn’t support the unity government deal.

Kerry then went on to say:

“So the presence today of representatives of those majorities who will sign this agreement, committed to today, on the 16th, their presence reflects the broad international support that exists for a unified, secure and stable Libya. Conflict and instability have just gone on for too long and the vacuum that has been left there is a vacuum that has been readily filled by extremists. And it takes Libya not to the direction of a government that can serve the needs of the people but to the direction of chaos. So, the communiqué we issued today calls on all parties to accept an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire in all parts of Libya and no one understands the need for that better than the Libyan leaders who are here with us in Rome,”

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