World Cup Updates: Nigeria vs Iran, Ghana vs USA.

17th June 2014 It was a nailbiting evening yesterday as 2 African teams squared off at the world cup. Everyone was on edge as Nigeria stepped onto the field but sadly, after 90 minutes of what some might term uninspired playing, the result was a goalless draw; the first since the World Cup started. Nigerians did not spare their players as you can well imagine and the tweets started to fly.

@nopenotyoubaby went – If it is Big Brother Africa now, na we go carry first.

@iphieajike asked – I hope you boys know the implication of drawing goalless with Iran. Iran o! To which @Inzaghi1 answered – Let’s watch telemundo please.

DoubleEph said – Osaze seems to be the only one who knows why he is on the pitch and our own Lamide Akintobi exclaimed – Ah. Eagles. No. No. This is not how we said it would be na ehn.

NomskyN said – they haven’t drawn a game in this tournament. But na, Nigerians too like Okra soup

Someone said Super Chickens abeg make una bring Brazilian hair come o since e belike say the cup go hard una. And there was – The super eagles performance was an odoriferous saga cum gargantuan gaga

You guys have no chill whatsoever. None at all.

The Ghana US game on the other hand featured high drama from the onset as Clint Dempsey scored a goal for the United States 34 seconds into the game, making it the 6th fastest goal in World Cup history.

Ghana played valiantly and there were moments of truly outstanding football, one of them leading to the goal scored by Andre Ayew in the 82nd minute. However, the Americans weren’t going to let this end at a draw and John Brooks kicked the ball into the net in the 86th minute to give the United States a win.

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