World Health Organization acknowledges unpreparedness towards Ebola and plans reforms

28th Jan 2015 A sober World Health organization has acknowledged that the organization was unprepared in their response to Ebola and has begun reforms to improve the situation for future purposes. At an emergency session in Geneva, director-general Margaret Chan said Ebola had taught the world health organization and the world at large how we must act in the future.

At the meeting she is quoted as saying “This was West Africa’s first experience with the virus and it delivered some horrific shocks and surprises. The world, including WHO, was too slow to see what was unfolding before us. Ebola is a tragedy that has taught the world, including WHO, many lessons about how to prevent similar events in the future.”

She added that “never again should the world be caught by surprise, unprepared”.

Despite the slow initial response, there is a lot of good news coming with regard to Ebola. Liberia announced on the 16th of January that it was down to only five confirmed cases and the two other countries affected, Guinea and Sierra Leone, have also recorded falls in infection rates.

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