World Health Organization praises Uganda for scaling nutrition

16th Feb 2015 The World Health Organization’s Country representative in Uganda, Dr. Wondimagegnehu Alemu, has commended the country for scaling up nutrition, and has pledged to support government’s and stakeholders efforts in battling malnutrition. Dr Alemu was speaking at the opening of a regional meeting on accelerating nutrition at Lake Victoria Serena Resort in Kampala on Wednesday the 11th of February.

According to Dr. Alemu, “Uganda has taken up the highest level of tackling nutrition issues using multisectoral approach compared to other African countries,”

Director of Nutrition for health and development at WHO, Dr. Francesco Branca, also present at the event, said nutrition is a development issue, and that without nutrition there will be no human capacity to fuel development.

The organization has previously noted that a major concern in developing countries especially Sub-Saharan Africa is been under – nutrition.

In collaboration with WHO, Uganda is one of the 11 countries scaling up of coverage of evidence-informed and effective nutrition interventions and strengthening nutrition surveillance. Nutrition activities in the country are now handled in a multi-sectoral approach that involves a number of ministries such as Health, Agriculture, Education, Local Government and others.

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