Zimbabwe Plans to Bid For the 2034 World Cup

30th July 2014 So, we caught hold of this very interesting story from TimesLive SA, that Zimbabwe may be thinking of bidding for the 2034 World Cup. Tourism and Hospitality Minister Walter Mzembi is quoted as saying “I spoke to FIFA president Sepp Blatter during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and he told me that it was possible for Zimbabwe to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup as long as we keep on having such big dreams and vision,” The Minister added that the intention wasn’t to host as a solo effort, but rather, for Harare to be the host city but in collaboration with other major cities in the region such as Maputo, Johannesburg, Gaborone and Lusaka.

We’re all for big dreams and if Zimbabwe wants to do this, they have 20 years to make it happen so…get to working guys.

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