A Talk show with an all male ensemble, and a female clapback. 3 young, good looking and articulate young men air their opinion strongly on various topics ranging from Sports, to Women, to cars, flirting, Politics, Alcohol ,Sex etc. It is a relaxed atmosphere with male banter all around and easy conversation to lure the audience in and make them feel like a part of a gossip team.

Meet the one and only man in Nigeria, Denrele Edun, who can rock a boot like no man or woman can… stomping around Lagos in style as he hijacks celebrities and A-Listers to an unadulterated and uncensored conversation when they are coaxed and jacked into his personalized super pimped KEKE driven by none other than comedian FRANK DONGO.

We delve into the private wardrobes of Nigeria’s leading fashionistas, stylists and celebrities – to unravel, uncover and expose the good, the bad and the funny behind their wardrobe items! All the while gathering great tips on how to mould that runway- ready look, with an exquisite African edge.

A homegrown docu-series that invites viewers to experience ‘a day in the life’ of top African entertainers from Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya. In this intimate look into their private spaces, we get to understand what it’s like to live in their shoes.